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PrototApp - Mockup Tools for DroidApp Developers

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MORE functional, MORE individual, MORE specific!

Meet a convenient app developer tool to bring your brilliant app ideas to life. Build a model of the app which is perfect for you. Make a sketch of the app of your dream, arrange the buttons and fields as you like and create different screens to show the app functionality. Divide the table of Android elements into groups, search for elements in a workspace, print and share your projects in social networks. Unique special Smartwatch element will help you to make your developments keep up with the times. Lots of native elements will make the display of app functions for Android devices much more natural. Copy, paste and lock objects from unwished editing. PrototApp is your chance to realize your ideas and to make your own apps model!

How to use:
- create a scheme of your own app using different tools,
- create wireframes, mockups, UI concepts etc.,
- fill text area, create useful buttons and menu,
- add lines, charts, tabs, windows, shapes and so on,
- undo or redo any changes,
- print, share and save projects on your Mac,
- 5K retina display optimization,
- try out a new convenient app developer tool!

This is your first step in app development, check your skills doing a stunning mock-ups and find out the way to make your app actually work!